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Oxford Cellists Concert, 21st May 2017, at Oxford Brookes Union Hall.

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  • Have you always wanted to play the cello?
  • Have you played in the past and would like to pick it up again?
  • Are you a competent player looking for a new and exciting way of learning?

OXFORD CELLISTS could be the solution for you!


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Oxford Cellists has been created for anyone who enjoys playing, or would love to learn to play the cello.  It currently exists in the form of group cello classes which take place during the evenings, with the aim of providing students with an opportunity to learn and play the cello in a friendly, social environment.

As a member of Oxford Cellists you will have the opportunity to improve on technique, whilst also playing in an ensemble, working on a varied repertoire that is tailored to suit your level, whether beginner or experienced.

The Oxford Cellists classess are about more than learning and playing the cello; they are about you taking time out for yourself, playing music in a supportive environment, challenging yourself with your own goals, and realising your potential as a musician.

If you would like more information on any cello classes please visit the ‘Courses’ tab, or email us via the ‘Contact’ tab. Thank you!

“Jennie has a very positive way of teaching which has kept us all engaged – she has an ability to teach well, and respond to the needs of individuals as well as the group. The lessons are friendly and informal; fun; everyone works hard together – it feels like a joint endeavour. I think this is a really good way of providing a safe way into learning a new instrument; group learning may be the way forward!”

Emma, Oxford.

Intermediate Summer Concert 2016:


Oxford Cellists Halloween Soiree 31st October 2015;


Summer concert 2014;


Oxford Cellists collboration with The Oxford String Quartet and Alma De Tango at ‘Tango In Oxford’ December 2012;

Have a listen!

The following recording features cellists with experience ranging from 6 months to 5 years.  Just click on the blue link below and press play;

Oxford Cello Orchestra performing The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ at Isis Care Home, Oxford 16 December 2011

(Below) Beginner/ Intermediate Group June 2012

(Below) Cello Orchestra – Cheese, Wine & Cello Music, May 2012

(Below) Cello Orchestra, Isis Care Home Performance December 2011

(Left) Taster Group July 2011 to present

(Right) Beginners Group July 2011 – present

(Left below) Intermediate Group July/ August 2011

(Right below) Taster Group March 2011

(Below) Oxford Cellists Album 2011